Offer an educational experience through interpreting historic railway structures, artifacts and equipment native to the St. Clair Railway Tunnel and the Greater Blue Water Area

Formally organized in 2008, the Port Huron & Detroit Railroad Historical Society (PH&D RRHS) is the Blue Water Area’s premier (and admittedly only) railroad preservation organization.

The PH&D RRHS was born from the desire to preserve the history, buildings and select other remaining items from the Port Huron and Detroit Railroad, a locally owned shortline freight railroad which had connected its namesake Port Huron with the cities of Marysville, St. Clair and Marine City, until it was sold in the early 1980’s.
From the very beginning, the PH&D RRHS was established as much more than a place to store old, dirty trains. Early goals included the acquisition and restoration of the administration and maintenance facilities that had been abandoned shortly after the company was sold.

As of this time, that goal is about halfway complete- with the acquisition of the administration building in the early days of the PH&D RRHS and its gradual renovation over the following years to serve the PH&D RRHS in several ways:

– as a facility to house our growing railroad collections (both from the PH&D, as well as the Pere Marquette, Chesapeake & Ohio and Grand Trunk Western, all of which served the Port Huron area)

– as a monument to the memories of the PH&D, as a railroad, as a local employer and as a family

– as a clean and safe location for our members and their guests to spend time watching trains pass by

Executive Team
President – Chad Thompson
Vice President – Open Position
Treasurer – Steven M Harvey
Secretary – Charles Warczinsky

Board Of Directors
Bill Ayars
Shawn Maertens
Dan Meinhard
Open Board Seat
Open Board Seat

Marketing and Membership – Bill Ayars
Maintenance Away – Shawn Maertens
Maintenance of Equipment – Open Position
Technology and Finance – Steven M Harvey
Vision and Planning – Chad Thompson
Building and Bridge – Dan Meinhard
Archives, Collections and Modeling – Charles Warczinsky and T.J. Gaffney (Curator)
Safety Officer – Dan Meinhard